Ancillary Services

ICAES's innovative and modular design enables superior ramp rates and power precision compared to classical CAES. The result is a storage solution equally capable of generating value in energy and ancillary applications.

Grid operators procure a variety of support services to ensure reliable transmission of capacity and energy

Outside of the energy and capacity markets, grid operators maintain a multi-faceted market for ancillary services. Though each grid operator allocates these services differently, the overarching purpose of ancillary services, as defined by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, is to "maintain reliable operations of the interconnected transmission system." Ancillary services include frequency regulation, operating reserves, voltage support, and black start capability, and have historically been provided by polluting generation assets.

ICAES provides a cleaner, higher performance, and more cost-effective alternative for ancillary services

The ICAES design enables ramp rates far superior to traditional generation assets. This high ramp rate combined with a modular design allows the ICAES system to rapidly and precisely inject or withdraw both real and reactive power, i.e., four-quadrant power. The superior performance of ICAES frees fossil generators to produce power at stable levels without the increased costs, wear, and emissions associated with providing ancillary services. The result is a more efficient, cleaner, and more reliable grid and cost savings for ratepayers.