SustainX's ICAES is a highly flexible and reliable storage solution which can address applications across the electricity market value chain, from generation through transmission and distribution. Our patented system enhances the value of existing assets, revolutionizes the design of future grids, and aims to disrupt the reliance on costly "peaker" plants.

Renewables Integration

Long cycle life at deep depth-of-discharge combined with fast response time allows SustainX to provide a complete solution for supporting and increasing the value of renewable generation. ICAES can provide ramp and frequency control on the seconds and minute times-scales and bulk energy shifting on the multi-hour time-scale without negatively impacting system lifetime.

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T&D Substitution

ICAES can extend the lifetime and enhance the utilization of transmission and distribution systems by providing site-anywhere storage when and where it's needed.

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Peak Power Capacity

Independent scalability of power and storage duration allows ICAES to provide an optimal solution for any energy or capacity applications. With its inherently low capital cost, long lifetime, and high efficiency, ICAES can provide zero-emissions capacity and a superior levelized cost of energy compared to gas-powered "peaker" plants or conventional storage solutions such as batteries.

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ICAES can store unneeded energy from fossil plants, allowing them to operate at their peak efficiency and avoid the damage caused by repeated cycling. With its patented cogeneration capability, ICAES can utilize low-grade waste heat to substantially boost its performance in hybrid fossil applications.

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Ancillary Services

ICAES's innovative and modular design enables superior ramp rates and power precision compared to classical CAES. The result is a storage solution equally capable of generating value in energy and ancillary applications.

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