Renewables Integration

ICAES supports the integration of renewables by enhancing grid flexibility and increasing the value of renewable energy.

Energy storage provides clean flexibility for the power system

Renewables are just one of the many sources of variability that power system operators must manage. Distributable storage, such as ICAES, can be placed throughout the grid to ensure reliable system performance when the wind changes, when a cloud passes over a solar farm, when a fossil generator experiences an emergency, or when a large load comes online. By utilizing clean energy storage like ICAES to provide flexibility, ramping of fossil generators can be reduced or eliminated and emissions lowered.

ICAES provides a complete solution for supporting and increasing the value of renewable generation

Lifespan and financial and technical limitations constrain many storage technologies to only a subset of potential applications and value streams. ICAES can provide ramp and frequency control on the second and minute time-scales and bulk energy shifting on the multi-hour time-scale without negatively impacting system lifespan.

ICAES's high ramp rate and power precision enables increased renewables integration in regions with strict interconnection requirements. When transmission constraints or grid conditions lead to wind curtailment, multi-hour storage can save this energy until those constraints are lifted. SustainX’s ICAES can combine all of these benefits to increase the amount of renewable energy that reaches the grid, to increase the value of that energy, and to allow variable renewables to provide capacity, all without shortening the life of the ICAES system.