T&D Substitution

ICAES can extend the lifetime and enhance the utilization of transmission and distribution (T&D) systems by providing site-anywhere storage when and where it's needed.

T&D upgrades are lumpy and can experience low utilization

Today's transmission and distribution network is designed to meet peak load which might occur for only a few hours each year. As peak load approaches the capacity of the existing T&D network, utilities are faced with the need for inherently lumpy upgrades. In low and moderate growth regions, rate payers will shoulder the costs of an expensive upgrade which will see minimal initial use. Energy storage can provide the same peak load T&D services by leveling the load on the existing network. During periods of low demand, energy can be stored on the customer side of the T&D network. When peak demand is experienced, the storage system can relieve the fully loaded T&D network by providing local capacity. When not acting to meet peak load, energy storage can also provide a variety of energy, capacity, and ancillary services.

ICAES can adapt to meet changing needs

The magnitude and duration of peak load events will determine the power and energy requirements of a storage solution. ICAES's independent scalability of power and energy enables an optimized solution for a specific location's needs. As load profiles change, additional ICAES power modules or additional compressed air storage can be added. If load growth eventually justifies a traditional upgrade of the T&D network, the ICAES system can be used for other grid services or be moved to a new location. Freedom from geological constraints enables ICAES to be sited when and where it's needed.