Independent scalability of power and energy allows ICAES to address applications across the electricity market value chain, from generation through transmission and distribution.

The power and energy requirements of an energy storage system can vary dramatically across different grid applications throughout the world. Due to their fixed power and energy ratios, many storage technologies can only cost-effectively address a limited subset of these applications. For example, flywheels, with only 15 minutes of energy at rated power, excel at providing frequency regulation but would be cost-prohibitive for multi-hour energy applications.

With SustainX’s ICAES, power and energy can be scaled independently, enabling an optimized solution for any application. The power needs of a project can be met in MW increments by selecting the number of ICAES compressor/expander modules. Similarly, energy can be optimized by sizing the volume of pipe-type air storage to the specific needs of a project. The result is a storage technology that can provide an optimized solution for any application throughout the world.